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Gaming for Sustainability

Student-made Games using Scratch

There are a lot of educational games out there that are fun and teach players how to survive and thrive, but they can be hard to find. Here is a list of free computer games to try, along with expansion packs I have created for board games your family might want to look into.

Games for Students


Clean up the fuel spills your boat makes while you try to clean up and recycle plastic pollution in the water. With enough money made from returnables, players can level up to an electric boat run with solar panels. 

Have a game you think should be on this list? Email it to:

 In this running game, avoid rocks, recycle bottles and avoid the fire boss to survive climate change!

Other Game-based Learning Resources for Educators and Parents


So many computer and video games are violent and promote colonization and environmental exploitation as their central goal, so it can be hard to remember that not all games do this. Here is a resource to enable adults to meet game-fixated kids where they are at, and to help them learn about sustainability and develop critical thinking skills through gaming.

Jeopardy-Style Quiz Game

Student-driven outdoor survival game:

Zombie Apocalypse

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