Welcome, Shoreline! 

About me

I am a teacher, researcher and parent who is dedicated to fostering a resurgence of personal, community and global resiliency. I acknowledge the privilege of living, learning and teaching on the traditional territory of the Lkwungen Peoples, which include the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations.  


I have been working to synthesize and share an approach to inclusive, interactive, inquiry-driven, place-based, service learning which I call Restorative Education (RE). I am developing RE for settler ally educators like myself who hope to decolonize and improve our practice so that we can equitably engage and increase the academic achievement of Indigenous learners with exceptionalities in mainstream public education.

About this website

I first created  this website as a portfolio to complete my Masters Degree in Special Education. I am now converting it to support my students in remote learning. I currently teach an Exploratory class on Sustainability as well as English Language Learning at Shoreline Middle School.

The activities and assignments I have developed for my Sustainability students has been driven by their interests. So far these include:

Gaming for Sustainability

Upcycle Art

Shoreline Gardens

Survival Skills (Zombie Apocalypse)

Bike Club

Green Design


I will be creating pages and uploading resources to support ongoing learning on these topics in the weeks to come.